Want To ENJOY Yourself This Holiday Season Without Worrying About Frustrating Heartburn And Sour Stomach?

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This holiday season, we're giving you the gift of PEACE.

Peace of the stomach and chest, that is!

Far too often I hear of our customers suffering from painful heartburn if they indulge a little too much in their favorite foods... desserts... and especially alcohol.

So if you're suffering from...

  • Heartburn that makes it feel like the inside of your chest is erupting with lava...
  • Sour stomach that makes you nauseous and prevents you from enjoying yourself...
  • And nagging indigestion that zaps the energy out of you...

I want to introduce you to...

What’s So Unique About THIS Particular Blend
Of Stomach-Soothing Nutrients?

There are several reasons Acid Guard is unlike anything else on the market, but the first reason is that it gives you the right nutrients to help you sensibly maintain healthy stomach acid.

That way you can boost low stomach acid without the fear of causing even more fiery burps and discomfort.

With Acid Guard, we’ve covered all the bases to help you plug your LES valve, increase low stomach acid, and give your stomach extra support to digest your favorite food worry-free.

Plus we’ve added the right amount of each of those nutrients...

So they’re in a dose powerful enough to increase stomach acid so you can enjoy a meal and experience what a “bulletproof” stomach feels like.

In fact, once you take Acid Guard after your meals, you’ll be amazed at the food you can eat and still feel great.

That’s because this amazing formula contains ten powerful science-backed nutrients to help maintain optimal stomach health…

And gives you the right tools to enjoy eating without worrying about erratic stomach acid.

These amazing nutrients include…

  • The “Acid Raft” Duo

    - This includes Alginate which floats on your stomach acid and plugs your LES valve. Plus calcium carbonate which makes Alginate float even better...

  • Licorice Root

    (The LES Personal Trainer) - To help soothe inflammation causing your LES valve to relax...*

  • Betaine HCL and Pepsin

    (The Acid Boosters) - To safely replenish low stomach acid without discomfort and help you break down protein faster...*

  • Prickly Pear Extract

    (The Stomach Band-Aid) - To boost gut mucus, shorten ulcer healing time, and reduce erratic acid frequency and intensity...***

  • Marshmallow Root

    (The Discomfort) - To soothe erratic stomach acid, armour plate your stomach and help decrease the intensity of acid-related stomach discomfort...*

So as you can see...

Acid Guard Is The Most ADVANCED
And Effective Way
To Safely Control Erratic Stomach Acid…

Like most of the products here at Peak Biome…

I created this product for myself.

Because I’ve dealt with soul-crushing erratic stomach acid for DECADES.

And I’ve hated waking up and reaching for a prescription acid blocker before a simple cup of coffee.

So when I designed this formulation, I made sure it contained...

  • The RIGHT ingredients - Which are shown to help you boost low stomach acid, plug your LES valve, maintain healthy stomach acid, soothe throbbing discomfort, and help protect your esophagus while you sleep...
  • The right AMOUNTS of each ingredient - So you’re getting the right amount of high-quality nutrients that target the root cause of erratic stomach acid, gastric upset, and acid indigestion...
  • An EASY to swallow capsule - So you can easily take it right after any meal, any time of day, (including right before bed) and enjoy more of your favorite foods without flaming hot burps…

And with that said, you may be wondering...

How Acid Guard Compares To Other Products

Frankly, the formulation behind Acid Guard is just science.

But it takes hard work to do the right thing and not chase a dollar.

In most cases, that decision eats into our profits.

But it’s well worth it knowing we’re giving you the best possible product at a great price.

So to show you how we stack up against others.

Here’s a quick comparison featuring two of our competitors (names left out for legal reasons).

And here's the best news of all...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How many bottles should I order?

The answer may differ from person to person. But in general…

  • Pick up 1 bottle if you just want to try it and you’re a bit skeptical…
  • 3 bottles if you want the best possible experience…
  • Or 6 bottles if you want the best experience AND by far the best deal!

Also remember that we’re holding a special discount right now, so be sure to place your order today before we run out OR stop this promotion.

Q What’s unique about Acid Guard?

Acid Guard is a combination of science-backed nutrients to help you manage erratic stomach acid, gastric upset, and acid indigestion.

You simply take it at night (or after a large meal) to plug your LES valve, prevent acid from flowing into your throat while you sleep, safely increase stomach acid without discomfort, and guard your stomach by increasing gut mucus.

Q What ingredients are in Acid Guard?

Here’s a list of the actual label so you can see everything in exact detail :)

Q What’s the best way to take Acid Guard?

For the best results with Acid Guard take 2 capsules right before bed and at any other time during the day you feel gastric upset (max 6 capsules per day). This is the dose most people find adequate simply because taking more with a single meal doesn’t give you a bigger benefit. Plus you’ll receive more information on how to use the product upon ordering.

Q How long will it take before I feel the benefits?

This is different for everyone. Many people notice a difference in 2-3 days, while others may take a week or longer. It’s important to continue taking it to continue experiencing the benefits of it.

Q How safe is Acid Guard? Are there any side effects?

Acid Guard is sourced from the highest possible ingredients which are rigorously tested for purity and potency in state of the art facilities. It is manufactured in the USA and GMP certified using safe ingredients.

If you are concerned about Acid Guard interacting with your medication, please consult your doctor. Show them the list of ingredients and ask how it fits into your current treatment.

Q Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

These nutrients are considered very safe, especially when it comes to allergies. It is also free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, and soy. However, it is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, eggs, wheat, and soy. If you have any concerns, please consult with your physician.

Q How will this product be shipped to me, and how quickly?

We will ship your order directly to your home or office using FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Customers in the United States and Canada can expect their orders within 5 to 7 business days. International orders typically take 8 to 15 business days (plus customs clearance times).

Q Is it safe to order online from your website?

Of course! We use a 256-bit secure ordering server where 100% of your data is encrypted, safe, and secure. Our secure shopping cart is verified by numerous 3rd-party security verification systems, including McAfee Secure, the security scanning leader. So, you can rest assured that your information is 100% safe and secure at all times.

Q Okay, How Do I Order?

Go ahead and choose the best option for you by clicking below. Remember, you have nothing to lose with our one-year money-back guarantee. So if you feel Acid Guard is not right for you, we’ll give you a full refund. Plus, if you order right now, you’ll enjoy a 51% discount and free shipping.